Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[TUTORIAL] Make your own Diorama for your modelkits

You just finished building your model kit and are feeling pretty proud of yourself. The model, whether it’s a gunpla, macross kit, etc, is perfectly built, clean and nicely fitted parts, and a beautiful paint job on top of that. You started to pose you mokit to strike cool poses with your own creativity. But you feel something’s missing when you realized something.

“it needs something... yes, something.... as the background for this cool poses!”

“I NEED a diorama for this!!”

You’re right. It won’t feel complete without the diorama. You may buy or order a diorama at some hobby shops, but why don’t make your own for a change?

That’ll save you some money, and you’ll feel more satisfied if you’re making it yourself, right?

Well, here I’ll give you a little advice(or tutorial, whichever clicks to you) on how to make ‘em.

What you need:

1. Styrofoam, can be used many times, buy the standard-thicked ones

2. Oil paint sets, you don’t need all colors, just buy the color you need, but if you bought the sets, then that’s more than welcomed

3. The brush (well, duh)

4. Cutter

5. Your own creativity and of course your model kit J

The steps:

1. cut the styrofoam and shape your diorama

2. if you’re planning to make a wavy ground you can heat the styrofoam to produce the shape you want

3. paint the ground with soil color (can be achieved by combining black+yellow)

4. you can make trees with small wires, combine it with green sponge/fiber and paint to make it cooler

5. final touch, place you gundam(or any mokit you have) in your diorama, adjust its pose, and be proud of yourself

And that’s how to make a simple diorama in a nutshell. You can use your own creativity to add many things to your diorama, and you can even make some awesome battle scene in your diorama by putting two or more of your mokits.

Good luck and have fun at making your own dioramaJ

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