Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[NEWS] Second analog pad for 3DS revealed

This week's Famitsu scoop revealed a rather surprising news which gives a new light to the second analog add-on for 3DS that has been rumored weeks ago. The add-on is introduced in Famitsu's reveal article on the new 3DS Monster Hunter game.

This add-on, which is supposedly an official Nintendo product, will add a second Circle Pad on the right side of the system. It will jut out 2-3 cm from the right side of the system, 2 cm from the bottom and 1 cm from the left. It will also add an R2 button to the 3DS.

So far, the only game that will make use of this add-on is the new Monster Hunter game for 3DS, MH 3G (an updated version of its wii counterpart). Other games should be able to use it if programmed to do so, but as of now, it's the only game planned to make use of it. Maybe Nintendo will see how high the adoption rate and decide whether they should add this to newer 3DS revisions? Only time can tell. With TGS around the corner, we may receive further details about this.

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