Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Quickreview] Gundam the 3D battle(3DS)

The first Gundam game for 3DS. Honestly, IT SUCKED. 

The stages seemed like it was ripped off directly from the PSP games, and the lacking roster didn’t help it either. You got your First Gundam, Zeta, and Char’s Counterattack. And THAT’S IT. Well, there’s unicorn tacked in too, but with only 2 stages and 2 units(Unicorn and Sinanju), they really seem like just extras tacked in last minute. The lack of customization just made it worse. There’s really no reason to use early mobile suits once you got higher-tier MSes/gundams. No more kicking feddies’ butts with zaku or duel zeong with a crappy gm, because it’s just STUPID. In GBU, we can customize our suits so that even it’s just underling MS, it can pack a punch. But in this game, it’s just….. I’m speechless.

There’s nothing much to do after you completed all of the stages, and you can easily SS-ranked it, so there’s really no reason to play through the stages again. 

The only saving grace of this title is its 3D features, and I’m quite satisfied with it. As one of the first games for my 3DS, this game is the most played out of the others. That’s, well… that’s just because it’s a Gundam game lol.

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