Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[DEAD RUMOR] The Disappearance of Gundam R

Around May, I found a rather interesting news. Some rumors circulated through the net about the new gundam TV series slated for fall this year. A screenshot of famitsu scans was found, it’s about Gundam R: episode zero, a ps3 game planned for release in September, to accompany the new series’ debut as a prologue. The concept is pretty interesting, the main character isn’t godawfully overpowered, so I’m expecting a cool show like 08th MS.

Early June, there was really an announcement for a new gundam TV series. I was really excited! But it turned out to be Gundam AGE, which in a nutshell, looks lika a children show. No offense to Level 5, I love their games, from Layton, Danball, and such, but please, stick to making your games and your inazuma shows. I don’t know what actually happened, whether R is actually a hoax or just cancelled for the sake of AGE. Maybe it was because of the backstory? Earthquake, when Japan was just hit by an earthquake itself (just like Zettai toushi 4 was cancelled because its theme is earthquake?). Anyway, I’m quite disappointed that this awesome concept didn’t make it. 

Some of the concepts info (rumors?) regarding the ps3 game (and hints about the tv series):
-originally planned to be announced last April, first teaser is complete, but bamco decided to hold off releasing the teaser to public because of its backstory.
-apparently, the backstory IS an earthquake. The main character was a survivor of an earthquake 5 years prior to game's setting.
-the game's story will be a prequel to the planned anime series this year, set 2 years before.
-in the game, you will play as an army that's possibly an opposing force in the series.
-yes, there will be space battles, using system that similar to meguri ai sora, but with better customization.
-the main character of the game won't be a super ace pilot or something like that, the director wanted to make him a realistic man, but with good commandeering skills, because the main point of the game is how you command your squad, not taking all of the enemy by yourself.
-there won't be any gundam in the game, it's saved for the series, seeing this as a prologue, but that MAY change.
-speaking of the TV series, it's slated for October this year, expect announcement and teasers in july-august.

While it’s true that the new series was announced around July-ish, and slated for October, but it turned out to be a very different show, AGE. I’m a bit skeptical about this, but let’s just see how will AGE turn out to be. I hope it’s at least ‘watchable’. I’ll just watch some of the first episodes in October to decide!

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