Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

[ENGLISH SUBS] Danball Senki 09-10

totally unrelated pic.
just realized that in the early concept, Jin.... he's using Hunter O.o

by the way, here you go :D

09, 10

I'm using raw-raws, just like always:)
(credit to uploader)

Friday, November 18, 2011

[ENGLISH SUBS] Danball Senki 05-08

moar eps :D
just like before, I'm using Raw-Raws

05, 06, 07, 08

credit to uploaders/Raw-Raws

fixed the link on ep5, I inserted the wrong episode :P

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[ENGLISH SUBS] Danball Senki episode 02

The softsub for the second episode, I hope you enjoyed it!

torrent, fileserve
(credit to original uploader) 


[ENGLISH SUBS] Danball Senki episode 01

As I said earlier, I'm subbing this show, seeing nobody did the sub for this.
I'm new at this fansubbing work, so excuse me if it's not that good.

Anyway, you can use the RAW from nyaa.eu, this softsub is based off from that
(credit to the original uploader)


[TUTORIAL] Make your own Diorama for your modelkits

You just finished building your model kit and are feeling pretty proud of yourself. The model, whether it’s a gunpla, macross kit, etc, is perfectly built, clean and nicely fitted parts, and a beautiful paint job on top of that. You started to pose you mokit to strike cool poses with your own creativity. But you feel something’s missing when you realized something.

[NEWS] Second analog pad for 3DS revealed

This week's Famitsu scoop revealed a rather surprising news which gives a new light to the second analog add-on for 3DS that has been rumored weeks ago. The add-on is introduced in Famitsu's reveal article on the new 3DS Monster Hunter game.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Quickreview] Gundam the 3D battle(3DS)

The first Gundam game for 3DS. Honestly, IT SUCKED. 

[DEAD RUMOR] The Disappearance of Gundam R

Around May, I found a rather interesting news. Some rumors circulated through the net about the new gundam TV series slated for fall this year. A screenshot of famitsu scans was found, it’s about Gundam R: episode zero, a ps3 game planned for release in September,

[Preview] Tales of Xillia(PS3)

First tales game that developed exclusively for PS3, as a 15th anniversary of tales of series.  It’ll be released on 8th September 2011, that’s two more days from now, but I’ll have to wait longer for my famitsu DX to arrive L. There’s two main character in this game, and you can play through each one’s perspective (that’s a first!), as Jude Matthis and Milla Maxwell(a female MC! That’s also a first!!). Other playable character includes: Alvin, Elise, Leia, and ol’ Rowen. And wow! Alvin’s seiyuu is good ol’ tomosugi! In case it didn’t ring a bell, that’s the seiyuu of Gintoki from Gintama and Kyon from Haruhi. 

[Quickreview] Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou(PSP/PS3)

My first foray to VNs in PS3, I’m really amazed by tsuisou. Never once I regretted buying the Otoshimono limited edition, even though fedex charged me a hefty amount to deliver this lol.

[Quickreview] Danball Senki/Little Battler eXperience(PSP)

Finished it a month ago, this game wasn’t really in everyone’s radar, but it’s really a superb game for me.

[Quickreview] BRS the game(PSP)

Finished it some days ago, and I’m quite disappointed. Hyped by many, with BRS as the main character, which imageepoch themselves promised us  “how a JRPG should be”.

[Quickreview] nepunepu~ mark tsuu~ aka choujigen game Neptune mk2(PS3)

I’m playing this game atm. Enjoying the game so far.

I’m quite shocked (and happy) at the improvements this game had over its precedeser. To be honest, actually, I bought this game just for the sole reason of moe factor. The first game really caught my eyes with its many lovable and cute characters, especially, my personal favorite, Noire (aka Black heart).  And now in the second game, all those characters are returning back PLUS more. CH added the previous Goddesses’ sisters  as well as new faces like cave-chan, falcom-chan and 5pb (well she was in the first game but isn’t playable). For some reason they omitted red-chan from the list, but that’s no problem, since we got so many cute newcomers afterall  <3.