Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Preview] Tales of Xillia(PS3)

First tales game that developed exclusively for PS3, as a 15th anniversary of tales of series.  It’ll be released on 8th September 2011, that’s two more days from now, but I’ll have to wait longer for my famitsu DX to arrive L. There’s two main character in this game, and you can play through each one’s perspective (that’s a first!), as Jude Matthis and Milla Maxwell(a female MC! That’s also a first!!). Other playable character includes: Alvin, Elise, Leia, and ol’ Rowen. And wow! Alvin’s seiyuu is good ol’ tomosugi! In case it didn’t ring a bell, that’s the seiyuu of Gintoki from Gintama and Kyon from Haruhi. 

The battle will use DR-LMBS(that’s double raid linear motion battle system) which will enable for two characters to pair and chain combos and artes together. I’m quite disappointed that they’re back to using TP in battle rather than using CC(as in graces), that means no more spamming combos and artes like crazy lol. But we’ll see how it’ll turn out, it still looks promising and interesting. 

For the growths system, rather than distributed automatically, you can distribute the points by yourself to any attribute, ala FFXIII. That means more space for customization, but that can also mean we’re stuck if we can’t distribute the points correctly. I myself prefer the traditional level up, but well, that’s just me. I can’t judge how well this will turn out til I play it by myself.
So I really can’t wait to play Xillia!


  1. hore.. buat yg akan ultah!! ehhh.. ultah ke 30!! emang serial tales mulai dari tahun berapa ya? tahun 81!

  2. wkwkw yg bener ultah ke 15 deng :D
    mulai dari tales of phantasia dulu