Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Quickreview] nepunepu~ mark tsuu~ aka choujigen game Neptune mk2(PS3)

I’m playing this game atm. Enjoying the game so far.

I’m quite shocked (and happy) at the improvements this game had over its precedeser. To be honest, actually, I bought this game just for the sole reason of moe factor. The first game really caught my eyes with its many lovable and cute characters, especially, my personal favorite, Noire (aka Black heart).  And now in the second game, all those characters are returning back PLUS more. CH added the previous Goddesses’ sisters  as well as new faces like cave-chan, falcom-chan and 5pb (well she was in the first game but isn’t playable). For some reason they omitted red-chan from the list, but that’s no problem, since we got so many cute newcomers afterall  <3.

What I can say for the second game is, the story is more fleshed, the new quest system is great, and the most important is the battle system. It took really great improvement over the first game. The battle system now resembles that of Eternal Sonata, minus the timer. And now you can’t stay in Goddess form forever, it cost sp now, so that you need to think the best time to use them. Special attacks effects are improved, while I’m a bit sad that the many specials from the first didn’t make it to the second, the new ones are really great. 5pb, gust, and Nippon ichi can summon characters from their respective games (or at least, the character is shown) and perform cool or wacky specials. Don't be surprised when you see Kurise or Mayuri "tutturu~", or when Nippon ichi throw a giant prinny to the enemies. No more item skills, a really nice improvement over the first, which is a hassle to set lol. You can use items at any time you want, it costs ap though. 

All in all, I’m really satisfied with my buy for this game. On top of that, those petit figures are just too cute <3, I’m really happy I picked up the limited edition, which includes soundtrack, and artbook too.
Now back to playing, full review coming soon.


  1. so uh, is it reboot or sequel?

  2. it's a reboot

    seeing how the first one ends, there's no room for sequel for that

    quite disappointed that cave and falcom isn't playable

    maybe later as DLC?