Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Quickreview] BRS the game(PSP)

Finished it some days ago, and I’m quite disappointed. Hyped by many, with BRS as the main character, which imageepoch themselves promised us  “how a JRPG should be”.
While BRS is by no means is a bad game, it’s not that spectacular or mind-blowing either. You got your loli pony-tail girl and her rock cannon blasting aliens and robots, while piecing her memories through the course of the game. The battle system looks simplistic, but it works great. I anticipated a great story scenario through the pen of FFVII scenario writer but in the end, the story, it just didn’t click with me. The short play time didn’t help, either. There’s only 7 chapters in this game, and you can finish it in a day (no joke here). While there’s “better ending” and many EX missions, you may be able to fully complete this game in 20-ish hours. I wish BRS the game was better than this, but it’s not bad either, so I can’t really complain here. 

Full review coming when my WRS arrive!J)

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