Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[Quickreview] Danball Senki/Little Battler eXperience(PSP)

Finished it a month ago, this game wasn’t really in everyone’s radar, but it’s really a superb game for me. You play as Yamano Ban, a son of the genius Prof. Yamano. At first glace, this game seems like a children game, but you’re wrong. It’s a RPG game, with action mixed on it, and rich customizations. Level 5 really did a great job at this game. Everything seems perfect for me. The story, the characters, and of course the mechs. The story start off as a shonen-esque child manga, but as you progress, it really became interesting. The characters you fought are also interesting. Enter Gouda, and his hakaiou, the “hell destroyer”, as well as “the magician inside the box” Sendou, and of course the emperor, Jin Kaidou. Go through many battles with Ami and Kazu, as you struggle to fight the Innovator and try to win Artemis, world GPX tournament, to save the world. It may seem too clichéd, but just play it, and you’ll understand how awesome it is. 

The game comes with a plastic mode of AX-00 (which I had to fork out 80$ at PA, even though it’s actually only 5k-ish yen), which added yet another hobby for me, collecting LBX modelkits J

PS: Actually, I only have this kit and the emperor and Inbit I got from buy 1 get 1 promo from kidz station lol. Want to add Achilles, hunter an kunoichi to my collection soon (or maybe odin lolz). Oh, also, there's anime adaptation of this game, I'm currently subbing it :), will post it here later.

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  1. Need Movie / preview for this..
    nah.. Good review but my psp space isn't available